We’re a couple of strips from the end of what I deemed the pilot for this series. We’re actually getting a pretty good viewership, and finally broke the 200 visitor mark today.

Now the question is what happens after.

I’ve already written several scripts to continue working with this, so that’s not the issue. It’s funding. It does cost to produce these pages and I really want to continue working with Rafa on this. I would rather continue paying him to keep going on this comic, but the cost effectiveness is not meeting financially. At worst, the comic will go on hiatus after the pilot is finished until I can correct the situation.

If you want to support the comic, there’s a few ways to help. One is the Paypal Donate button. While I do not have anything to offer in exchange for now, if I get enough funding, I can possibly keep it going even after the pilot with Rafa and given time, maybe even build up a large enough buffer to increase the amount of releases I do each week. Note: Any funds donated via PayPal goes to the production and promotion of this comic, nothing more.

Second, is commissions. I do offer writing and editing services myself. And while comic scripts, I go at $10-20/page depending on the work needed, it can be negotiated. If you wish for any help with writing or editing work, please contact me at centerlanecomic@gmail.com. Also, if you want to support Rafa, he does offer commissions himself, both American and manga style as well as doing concept and sequential pages. More information on that can be found on his DeviantArt page.

Finally, on my DeviantArt page, I do have prints of the first three comic strips for sale, and more will become available as the strips are released.

Thank you for your support.