When I started Center Lane, I actually originally viewed it to have a mostly plot base with one-shots in the between plotlines. However, our update schedule and the current buffer did not set things well. So as a Patreon goal, I’m looking to start Off Center, which will be bonus pages, all one-shots, both related to Center Lane and otherwise. The current goal as a monthly starting point is at $30 on Patreon, which we’re currently $4 away from right now.

We currently have Patreon goals for monthly and bi-weekly updates, but if we increase our frequency beyond that (up to weekly), we will look into bringing in guest artists and maybe include crossover events with their creations if they so desire. Of course, guest artists will be paid their going rates for those pages.

These pages will be publicly viewed, however, Patrons will get first dibs on these pages before they go public. So want to see things here go Off Center?