Why do I keep writing?

Because I like to write stories.


Because each story is like a massive puzzle for me to piece together.


Because it forces me to piece together what I know, learn what I don’t, and experience what I have and have not.


Because I’m sharing those stories with those that want the experience.


Because I want to show something I can put my name on.


Because I don’t want to lose myself to the day to day 9-to-6 working world.


Because I would regret not doing something I can be proud of.


Because I have yet to do so.

I don’t have some sob story of being lost because of taking the wrong turn and falling on bad times or falling to some crippling illness.

I’m like any other person stuck working in the world that’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow, trying to do everything ‘right’, and just make it through the day to day.

I’m the person you tell ‘at least you have a job’ because your position is worse.

I’m not stuck in student loans. I’ve got a car I’ve paid off in full. I share an apartment with my sister.

I bowl in league. I occasionally play tabletop games and video games. Enjoy others’ stories. Listen to music, especially hard rock and metal nowadays.

Without writing, I cannot see beyond the day-to-day doldrums.

I feel aimless.

It’s time to take aim at something.

It’s time to actually do and achieve something.

And it’s time to do it again.

Because if you think this is the only story I got, you’re sorely mistaken.

So why do I keep writing?

I’ve got more stories to discover. More stories to tell.

Are you willing to listen?