Center Lane

You know how teenagers wish they could go out and live on their own? What about the few that actually do just that? Many live away from their families for various reasons, ranging from abuse to an unstable household. Even then, they have to prove they can provide themselves the stable environment their families could not before authorities grant them their full independence, a very difficult thing to do in the modern world. This is a far cry from those that simply want independence for more selfish reasons, but they are a reality.

After his parents’ messy divorce, a high school student opted to live away from his parents. A family friend, an honest but laid back young man, agrees to let the boy live with him as long as needed. Now, he has to live with a collision of high school and adult life, which may not be so different in the modern society.

Between a womanizing roommate, a fun-loving sadistic boss, a corporate shark mother, and a Hollywood socialite father, who would have thought that the kid would be the sane one?  But even with more maturity than those in his immediate circle, he still gets hit with the curve balls both worlds throw at him.

This life isn’t easy, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Christopher Galbreath

A South Texas native, Christopher is the creator and writer for Center Lane. He is also the editor for another new webcomic Ninja Wolf Saizo, and still has some of his older writing available, both originals and fanworks on both DeviantArt and, his works also sometimes credited under the penname Izumi Ryu.

Rafa Lee

Rafa is the comic artist out of Brazil. He works with both American comics and manga style, much of his work is on his DeviantArt page. You can also find his own comic Division M on Drive Thru comics.