David Ramsey

While most people his age can only wish to live away from their parents, David actually takes the hard road to emancipation after his parents’ divorce. Now sharing an apartment with a family friend, he gets to juggle high school and adulthood. Considering the way things are nowadays, there might not be much difference.


Kyle Stiles

David’s roommate, an old friend who took a ‘big brother’ role for David throughout much of his life. With his liberal nightlife, which usually involves bars and bringing a woman a day home, he’s surprisingly responsible. He seems to make it a point to get his new roommate to relax and enjoy his newfound ‘freedom’.



Easily confused for a virus or spybot, ECD is really an omnipotent being that acts like an overlord of cyberspace. Really, he’s probably responsible for 90% of the content on 4chan.



The rather eccentric diner owner and David’s boss. She has a bit of a mad scientist streak going, setting pranks on her friends and traps for those who cross her.

(All concept art by Rafa Lee)