Some people have a nice wide variety of game selections, but with esports on the rise, it seems that one player games’ popularity are falling. At least, that’s what EA wants to believe. Personally, I failed to get that memo. Don’t mind me while I play Breath of the Wild or Digimon Cyber Sleuth.

Why the appeal of single player games? You get the same immersive worlds and action as the multi-player online games with a vast storyline and without the swear-laden 12-year-olds that think being edgy make them adult. Heck, even had someone try to insult me on a golf game on my mobile tablet! Seriously?

At the same time, I get why multi-player is so popular. You get more of a challenge playing a human opponent than a computer. Competitive gaming has become large enough that Evo ended up on ESPN!

To say single player games are dead is turning a blind eye to the countless successful franchises that still do well today. So pardon me while I go back to making a tool out of Ganon. Or should I bail out more conduits? And I never did get to that White Witch… Man, I have a lot of games I’ve yet to finish.

Oh, and I’m sure Kyle has no problem with David entertaining his guests with his game selection.

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