Imagine a parent’s curiosity when they hear their child’s friend is in a questionable situation. David no longer living with his parents places a red flag on him. He could be an angel, which we know he’s not that perfect, and that would still raise way too many questions.

David has his reasons. He knows some of what he’s getting into, but not the full picture. Parents don’t want their child to know this possibility exists. David’s current situation, he doesn’t wish on his worst enemy, but that doesn’t stop a parent from believing he will convince their child to follow his lead.

Update on Current Situation

On the lack of updates, I ran into yet another setback. Back on November 30, while running a Doordash delivery, I lost balance in mid-stride while rushing into the restaurant and hit the pavement knee first, breaking it. It required surgery, and I’m now out for at least 10 more weeks. I’m trying to find more work so I can earn income, but my priority is the medical bills.

Until then, I’m doing more work on the site, so I can work on more skills such as SEO. If you check some of the early pages, I updated blog posts and other settings to get my SEO fixed. Also, looking to fix banner ads and look into getting Affiliate marketing raise some revenue.

I’m considering additional content to provide as a stop gap. Maybe journal posts from the characters? It would be interesting to write in their voices, while revealing their inner thoughts and histories.

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